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David Hannaford

Interim | Operations | Technical | Projects | Validation | Auditing

Oscar Mayer Ltd

Process Control Manager / QA Manager

  • Installed cook quench chill vessels for veg and pasta cooking and chilling.

  • Validation of all cooked components and processes.

  • Traceability card system for raw protein.

  • Introduction of Capkold cook/chill of sauces using programmable vessel cook and rotachills.

  • TAYGO system for cookline components using QAS pdf documents.

  • Temperature Data Logging


Production Manager

  • Installed and ran retail packing line for fresh sliced meats.

  • Introduced steam oven and cooked ready meals using flex tray flex packaging.

Lubborn Cheese

Packaging Manager

  • Responsible for purchasing, stock control and packaging of soft cheese.

  • Saved 128k in first year on packaging costs.

  • Installed Goat cheese packing line which reduced waste from 15% to less than 1% also increased packing speed by x2.

  • Introduced new stock control system to reduce cross packing.

Hygrade Foods

Production Manager / Project Manager

  • Part of the team that went from zero base sales to over 300 tons of cooked ham per week.

  • Worked through the whole process covering butchery, curing, cooking, smoking, slicing and packaging.

  • Worked in a group role as Project Manager covering 4 Sites.

  • Installed 15 print and apply lines and hot dog packing lines in Chippenham.

  • Ran cooking and packing line in Hygrade Devizes.

  • Set up spiral ham production in Corsham together with Christmas production.

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